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The Marvelous Magic of Makeup in the Movies– Infographic by Temptu


I thought I’d share with you this awesome infographic I just stumbled upon in the wilds of the internet. They talk about the artists’ processes for each famous movie look- fascinating stuff!   Memorable Makeup from the Movies Infographic Provided … Continue reading

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Makeup Effects in the Age of CGI


I remember seeing Jurassic Park in theaters. The thrill of seeing dinosaurs on the screen was visceral and inspiring. Watching a 16 foot T-Rex muscle its way through cabled fencing and tear apart a car like a hawk eating a … Continue reading

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Looking Dirty in Hollywood


Simply not bathing or combing your hair for an entire week isn’t the most efficient way to get the dirty look- especially not in Hollywood. Yet this look must be accomplished somehow and, contrary to popular belief, the best way … Continue reading

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