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When it comes to a great Halloween costume or any costume, many people focus on the actual garments and forget all about make up and accessories. But the simple truth is, good make up and accessories can turn a decent costume great and can put a good one over the top. They provide that little extra detail that can pull the whole look that you are going for together.

So how can you use accessories to have your costume the best it can be? Accessories can be a flint pistol for your pirate get up, some wings and a wand to complete the fairy look, or a craggy nose with a wart to make the perfect witch. There are many realistic looking items that can accompany any costume you can think of, and best of all, they are usually pretty cheap. So go get a fake sword, colored contacts, fake nails, or police badge that ties your idea together.

Make up can also make or break a costume. You do not want people mistaking your zombie for a bum, now do you? There are many options available when it comes to make up. There is the tried and true white face paint that will make you pale as a ghost, fake tattoos that will turn you into an instant biker, or black nail polish to turn you into a true witch. And do not forget about the fake blood! Fake blood can complete any costume and can almost be a costume in and of itself.