Sometimes I write about holidays, and sometimes I write about things because they’re fun. This time around I’m doing the latter, and it’s all about pirates! A few hundred years ago, if you were sailing the high seas and came across a ship flying a skull and crossbones flag, it was bad news. If you see that emblem today, you may be close to a costume party. So what does it take to be a pirate? Read on and you’ll know how to be the scourge of the seven seas – for an evening, at least.


Shiver me timbers!

Perhaps the easiest way to look like a pirate is to wear an eye patch. And while you can go the traditional route and buy one, you can also create it with eye shadow. Just apply it to a larger area than normal, and when you close your eye, voila Рeye patch! You can also apply some to your non-eye patch eye for a sunken, weathered-by-the-seas look. Other accessories Рsuch as a cutlass, parrot or treasure map Рwill help put your look over the top.


Sharpen your language

Nobody will be convinced you’re a pirate unless you talk like one. Take the time to learn some pirate phrases. If all else fails, just slip in an “Arrrrrr matey!” after everything you say. If they question you on your vocabulary, make them walk the plank!


Share your precious booty

Most pirates are in the looting business, but if you do that you probably won’t have too many friends. It’s ok to be a benevolent pirate and share with your fellow shipmates! Consider having a chest full of something edible – chocolate gold coins come to mind. Whatever you have, make sure there is enough to share the wealth.

These are just a few things you can do to unleash your inner pirate. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, office party or just because, you’re now better equipped to be a savvy swashbuckler – just beware of mutiny!

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