Face Painting Ideas for the 4th of July


The 4th of July is just around the corner and perhaps you’re wondering what you can do with the kids during your family barbecue…well, why not have a face painting booth?

Face painting is a fun holiday activity that kids love and parents usually don’t mind. Plus, it makes for great photo opportunities. If you’re planning a get-together this holiday, don’t miss out on a chance to let your creativity go wild. Face painting doesn’t require much in the way of supplies, and almost anyone can do it. Here’s what you need to get started on your own face painting booth at your family function.

My favorite face paints actually come in a book from Klutz, and are safe, non-toxic and have this book includes some great illustration ideas. There are lots of varieties, however, so test out the ones you like the best. (If you find better ones, email me about them!)

For Independence Day face paint ideas, anything that coincides with the holiday is great, but if the kids don’t want to stick to stars and stripes, you don’t have to make them. The idea is to make it a fun experience. That said, you can paint a red, white and blue flag on the cheek of a little one, or a flag butterfly on a little girl. Boys will like the stars and stripes, baseballs and bats, army helmets, or Uncle Sam top hats. Why not paint an Uncle Sam beard, mustache and sideburns on a boy, and give him a top hat to go with?

Girls may like these ideas as well, but they may also like glitter added, lipstick or even Lady liberty. Wigs and hats, if you have them, complete the look and are fun for kids to wear to parades or fireworks displays.

Photo via ilikebigbows at blogspot.com

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